Consider Yourself A Sponatenous Parent ?

Do you consider yourself a spontaneous parent ? Would you drop everything at short notice and go on a holiday to Hawaii with two young kids as well as your parents if you had a one week window of opportunity.

I’d like to think that if I had the money I would definitely do it but when it came down to the crunch I’m really it sure that I would.

One thing is for sure though you have to become a lot more organised and don’t expect everything to fall into place.

Jill Cordes has written a lovely post on the site about spontaneity with children. She did exactly what I mentioned above, she took off at hardly a moments notice to Hawaii and had the most fantastic holiday ever.

Hop on over to the site to read exactly what Jill, her husband, their kids and her parents did. It is a great story and she has added a bunch of pictures of their vacation as well. It just shows what can be done at short notice if you out your mind to it.

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